Barbera d’Asti Superiore *Il Beneficio* – Year 2013

Many of you have tasted it, heard about it, or remember its black label with the inscription in relief. That’s it! We are talking about the Barbera d’Asti Superiore *Il Beneficio*.

In June, will go on sale the year 2013. An excellent year, thanks to the warm and dry climate that fostered a good ripening of the grapes.

This wine shows a beautiful ruby red color, pleasant and intense aroma with notes of ripe fruit and vanilla; full and balanced taste, repeating the same feelings experienced with the aroma and with tannins pleasant, soft and elegant.

It is still a young wine that will give the best of itself in future years; stored in the appropriate environment, it can even age more than 15 years.

What are you waiting for? Come and try it!

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New Vineyard of Pinot Nero

We don’t waste our time at the Castle and ideas never fail!

We continue with the investment program in our vineyards. After we planted 3.5 hectares in 2015 with Barbera, Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, this year we will proceed with a new plantation of about one and a half hectare.

With this grape variety we’re going to increase production of the Spumante Metodo Classico, which we already started harvesting in 2013.

The program will also go forward in the following years with new plantations of Barbera.

Our company remains and will remain faithful to the main product of our land, Barbera; but at the same time, we try to diversify the production of wines in order to win new customers, new flavors and savors.


Welcome Alpini

Every year the word “Alpini” is synonymous with party, cheer and a lot of people.

The national assembly of 2016, which like every year takes place in mid-May, this year it is held in Asti. It lasts several days and the highlight is on Sunday, whit a parade of tens of thousands of Alpine along the streets.

Asti is officially invaded by 500,000 people and 2,000 buses, it is the home of all Italian Alpini!

We had the honor to have as our guests the choir of the Alpine of Val di Sangro (Abruzzo). We thank them as they deeply moved us!


10 good reasons …

Each of us will have read or seen a list with *10 good reasons for…*. There are always good reasons! A reason to buy a new dress, for example. To watch a movie or to listen to the same song over and over again.

For all things there are at least 10 reasons, or you can find them…

We don’t want to stay behind, so we have compiled our own list of * 10 good reasons to choose our wine *

  1. Derive exclusively from our vineyards
  2. The work is purely manual
  3. No herbicides or chemical fertilizers are utilized
  4. No anti mold are used
  5. No chemical stabilizers are used
  6. Sulphites’ level are very low (<50 mg/l)
  7. No refrigeration is carried out (on red wines)
  8. No filtering is done (on red wines)
  9. No extraction derived tannins are added
  10. NO to labor’s exploitation



The Infernot

What is the Infernot?

The Infernot is a dark and cool underground tunnel of excavated tuff and commonly located under houses or courtyards. These sites were used especially for the preservation of certain commodities, especially wine.

Today there are still many well preserved Infernot, especially in the Monferrato area.

Our Infernot is located below the main building; it was built around the end of ‘600. Once it was communicating with the outside and used as an escape route. In the last century it was closed after about fifteen meters, and nowadays the remain part is preserved and used for the private reserves of our cellar.

Right now there are about 2,500 bottles of different vintages, and we periodically organizes vertical tastings in historic premises, with the most loyal customers.

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E-Bike excursions

For all moutain bikers, and not only, we have some great news coming!

Thanks to E-Bike Turismo, this year will be possible to organize excursions with the E-Bike! You know, for the lazy people, the Electric Bike is a luxury.

The excursion will be a route of about 30 km that will start just from here; it will lead you through the heart of Aleramo’s land until Serralunga di Crea. You will see the wonderful Monferrato Hills around of Castelletto Merli and Cardona, arriving then back at the same point you started.

A unique experience without fatigue for everyone!




“E-Bike. The fun for everybody!”




The sun, warmth and swimming pool

No rainstorm, no clouds anymore! The spring is finally here!

The blue sky and the sun that warms and illuminates our green hills, make everything more magic.

At the first warmth we rolled up our sleeves. Ready to reopen the pool. We only needed 3 days to clean it completely! Well, it was definitely a man’s job!

And then we had a long wait … The filling of the pool.

The question of the day was always the same:”Is the pool open?”

We are ready. “Yes, the pool is finally open!”


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Castello di Razzano colazione cappucino

A good day starts with a cappuccino

When waking up we always a need something to kick-start your day in the best way.

Some water, fresh air, jogging in the park or the right dose of caffeine.

That’s it! Coffee. It accompanies our long working days and allows us to keep our eyes open until late in the evening. Italians like it short, long, double or with some grappa. And there are those who love it with milk. commonly known as “cappuccino“.

Cappuccino certainly is international word; “One capucino please” ” Je voudrais un capucino s’il vous plait”

It’s very required by our guests who loves it with a croissant or homemade cake.

The right dose of caffeine and milk to continue you day with smile.

A good day starts at morning, but also with a cappuccino!

Reopening 2016

Christmas holidays and New Year have passed and the time for us to relax is about to finish.
A few final details are still missing, and are ready to start.
Start with a smile, with happiness and joy to welcome you! Our special guests!

Official reopening on March 18!

Looking forward to see you soon!